With DokuOnline you finally can use reduced certification and analysis costs per traded ton feed like the big private and corporate coverage companies. Save up to 4,000.00€ per year by the use of the sampling and certification groups we build.
Use our offer and thereby cost-saving opportunities of up to 60% for the certification of your company. The savings result from
  • the reduction of certification costs about up to 40 %

  • the reduction of support costs about up to 70 %

  • the reduction of analysis costs about up to 70 %

  • the reduction of internal tasks about up 60 %

SSince 17.10.2010 one has to take and analyze samples of the potential feed according to the attachment BA4 of the GMP-certification system. Companies have to prepare test plans, and analyze samples and enter all results into the GMPplus database. If a company can’t provide analysis it will get a nonconformity with the lost of ability to supply. The required analyses are very expensive then. Avoid this situation and use the offer of DokuOnline
DokuLIMS – tasks of DokuOnline

  • Calculation of sample count and coordination with GMPplus international


  • Drawing up risk analysis for feed which have no test plans


  • Choice of labs and negotiate special term


  • Providing of sample bags or vials and communication with labs


  • Input of results of the analysis in GMPplus database ‘DOS’
    (database for unwanted substances)


  • Providing of results of the analysis for all group members

  • Providing of further information



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