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DokuOnline goes and becomes international

DokuOnline takes over the documentation and the tracking & tracing system for an international grain-, corn-, oilseeds-, legumes- and single feed trader. The documentation based on rules of ISCC and GMPplus International. Furthermore DokuOnline organizes the sample taking corresponding GMP BA4 for this company.


DokuOnline organizes two multi site certifications of warehouses in Ukraine and Danube region from Constanta upstream until Passau. Beyond that DokuOnline generates multi site certification for forwarders and carriers in Austria and other countries along Danube. DokuOnline cooperates with important affreightment managers in Austria, Hungary and Romania to realize this project.


An other important project is the translation the homepage into English and Russian. We will finalize this at the end of November.

  • Documentation
  • Traceability
  • Mass balances
  • virtual market place
  • Product labelling

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