Management of regulatory or affairs government affairs using the weekly updated database from DokuOnline GmbH;
Reduce your trading and shipping risk

Easy drawing up international product data sheets for agriculture commodities and feeds (feed materials and additives) using the database

The database contains information both from country of origin and country of destination

  •     legal information describing commodities or feeds
  •     required information for international standards (e. g. GMPplus, Globalgap)
  •     legal custom information
  •     legal limits for contaminants and impurities
  •     regulations for GMOs (genetic modified organisms)
  •     usage of commodity or feed
  •     Flowchart from growing till final usage
  •     risk assessments from growing till final usage

You can select desired information can prepare an individual print out of the datasheet or
archive the datasheet as pdf-file on your drive

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