Company profile

DokuOnline is an expert database by practitioners of food and feed assurance for practitioners in food and feed industry, agribusiness, the craft in food production, the trade, transport as well as restaurants and hotel industry.

DokuOnline provides its customers an expert database for the generation and maintenance the documentation about HACCP-concepts and quality management systems. With the linkage of the self-provided customer specific documentation with the expert database DokuOnline enables the actuality of the customer’s documentation.

DokuOnline focuses the experiences and the science of expert about questions concerning food and feed security. Our range of services unites the claims of the national legislation with demands of EU, FDA for USA und the most different schemes like DIN EN ISO 22000, IFS, GMP+, Q+S and many others.

DokuOnline provides tools for traceability and labeling of products, the documentation of supervisory measures and preventive action to its customers.

DokuOnline works closely with its customers and so extends the range of services on and on.