Dr. Rainer Mäurer (CEO)
(graduate Biologist, / graduate public administration specialist)

Leading organization, staff, development and content-related maintenance of the database

Company direction, development of new services, central maintenance of database contents, acquisition of extern editors

Since 1990 independent international consultant for implementation of QM-systems and since 1998 ‘Lead auditor’ for approved QM and QS systems in food and feed industry as well as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22 000, Sustainability e. g.  ISCC (since 2010)

Dr. Mäurer

Andreas Göring (CEO)
(Master of Business Administration [CE])

Leading information technology and technical support

Book-keeping, controlling, technical realization, infrastructure and operation of the DokuOnline products

Since 1986 working in IT, development and project management in ERP and PPS branch, owner of “GOERING iSeries Solutions” solutions for operational structure and mobility

Andreas Göring

Annette Göring
(web and graphic designer)

Design and support of the internet appearance of DokuOnline;
Administration of all web applications

Bild Annette Göring